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Lucas Gil

Brighton (UK) based musician and producer.


Lucas’s first album, Not Yet was released in early 2018 and its remastered edition with a bonus song and 3-track promo EP 1984 was then released in fall of 2019.


His second album, Rainland has been released in March 2020. Album has a feeling of an old school synth-wave electronica with some uplifting beats and black and white movie quotes. Promoting single ESCAPE has been the most streamed of all of Lucas’s material. Song is an uplifting track with 80’s synth-wave vibes, there is also an official video to the single.


Lucas is currently hosting and producing Supernova Radio Show on the international internet radio station GlitterBeam UK, which airs every Sunday at 8pm GMT.


You can find the show at lucasgil.net/supernova



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Lucas Gil