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Started production in January 2020 and publishing in August 2020. Always keen and eager to learn new stuff music is one of my best friends. During this time I got the idea to try my luck as a music artist. I have come a long way from absolute zero but I am still far away to even cover minimal living cost from my music. Hard work and 70% are not related to making beats, melodies etc. Now it seems I am caught in my dream and so I try everything I can to make it real.





Hi folks,


The next release is Captain chAos at the 09/11/2021.

This time simple house style and I hope you have a lot of fun listening.

*** Captain chaos ***


09/11 0:00 UK time SoundCloud 0:00 listener local time all other platforms

In the mean time there are new tracks like * trace-pi-rator * dontstop * once upon a time in a daw


Be sure the focus is still at the low end and this will not get changed.


handle audio files with care and fasten your seat belts before usage.


The next release for the end of May will be IntoTheMoog and we used totally new sounds for this minimal tech track, that came to me inspirational.

Also the follow up for the follow up is ready, my first use of vocals, but this is not the only surprise that could awaiting you.

Again new sounds new style new M_pi_R, I discover a new me every day since I started to make music.

Be curios, I'll keep you updated....


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