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An effortless storyteller with an untrained, unfiltered singing talent and writing ability, MAESON has a distinct gift for creating sounds people connect with.

In 2014, MAESON arrived on the scene with two house tracks. Following what he reflects as a minor success with his first release entering the top 200 in the U.K. dance charts, being played on one of the biggest radio stations in the country and gaining interest from notable publishing companies he pressed pause, put down his pen and stepped away from music. 

“Back then, I would have said yes to anything. I was excited by exciting things and I didn’t understand myself enough to know what I wanted.”

In the years since then, MAESON's growth (musically, emotionally and visually) is incredible. He explains that he never lost the love he had for music, he just had to work on himself and now he’s ready and returning to the scene with a refreshing energy and the knowledge from the lessons he has learned from past experiences. 
“I like to write about my life in a way that’s relatable to you in yours!” Says the singer songwriter. Originally from South West London, MAESON is celebrated for his empathic nature and his desire to connect. “My mission as an artist is to establish meaningful connections through music. Whether that be the songs I write and release, or the social media channels I operate.”


MAESON compares his lyrical story telling ability to the likes of Adele and Sam Smith and whilst his vocal is laced with inspiration from RnB, Jazz and Gospel influences, it is entirely his and unique to him. MAESON is returning to the scene with a three track EP that explores the journey that began when a relationship came to an end. Whilst the relationship was traumatic and mentally abusive, the artist has reflected on the experience to identify the positive growth that transpired. 

MAESON debut EP “it’s debut because I don’t love my first releases and they don’t represent me as the artist I am.” Is made up of three cohesive and expertly curated songs that articulate his experience of being broken to being good with goodbye in a truly transparent and entirely relatable way. He explains that “reducing three years, to just over 9 minutes across three songs was both challenging and cathartic. The beauty there is that I have compressed the story so that it can be understood and created the opportunity to  continuously add to that body of work. I love a sad song, but releasing albums of sad content might limit me and the direction I’d like to take as an emerging artist in the U.K.”

“I want listeners to experience my music in the same way I experience music from other artists. I’m transported. Pushed and pulled in an emotive direction and that exactly what I’d like to recreate for my listeners. Music is an experience, it’s relatable, it’s 3 minutes of connection to an artist, to a feeling, to a desire or to a memory and connection is exactly what I am about.”

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