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Manelik is an alternative rock artist, multi instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. Like Lenny Kravitz or Prince, Manelik writes and records most of his music alone in his studio, playing all instruments, and then puts together a tribe of ace musicians and guest stars for the vocals, additional guitars and pianos, and live performances.


The performing band’s DNA is a collective in the sense that it uses this open, variable lineup of experienced players to serve the music. They all share a passion for making great cuts and, truth be told, they deliver on the promise. Haunting melodies, a huge sound and superbly crafted harmonies create a sophisticated yet accessible rock that your playlist will thank you for. Manelik’s style often leans towards stadium rock with powerful drums, pounding bass, beautiful guitar solos and infectious choruses.


It takes the audience on a journey through different elements of pop, rock, funk, hard rock, folk, and ballads, enhanced with experimental sounds that make them stand out from more classic acts. The songwriting also pays great attention to the lyrics with inspiring and uplifting messages for the daily life.


Manelik released their first single Let The Rain in November 2019, and a first 5-track EP in April 2020 (6 tracks on the BandCamp version, Let The Rain being included as a free bonus). Manelik is already working on the next full-length opus, which will feature 14 tracks and will be available in 2021.

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