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Mark Veldhoven

Mark Veldhoven is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter based in Toronto - writing, recording and producing his own brand of Rock, Pop and instrumental music with a 70’s - current flavoured influence. 


A storyteller and solo artist, Mark does it all himself - he plays every instrument, sings every note, mixes and masters every track and creates the artwork. Whether telling a personal story, making an observation or exploring his active imagination, Mark’s does it with memorable guitar riffs, punchy grooves, expressive strings, haunting melodies and fun to sing-along harmonies. Each story is unique and never the same from track to track.

Mark’s songs tell an interesting or personal story, make an observation or just tap into his very vivid imagination. Each story is unique and never the same from track to track.

A Nova Scotia native, Mark began his solo journey in 2018 when he finally assembled his home studio following years as a gigging musician playing drums in cover bands, tribute bands and many years spent struggling to put together an original band that would go the distance. Mark managed and played drums for popular Toronto party rock cover band Ear Candy since 2006.


A drummer and percussionist since the age of 7, Mark grew up playing the piano, singing and eventually went on to take up guitar and bass.

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All music recorded at Mar Vel Music Studio in Toronto. 
 SOCAN IPI# 220762104

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Mark Veldhoven