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Marlo and Mark

Marlo and Mark are not your typical songwriting duo.  Mark a former rock/blues guitarist from California and Marlo a former Neuromuscular Therapist from Wisconsin.  The two didn't really have a lot in common musically but when Mark heard her sing at a vocal competition his band put on, he knew she was special.  He loved the tonal qualities in her voice and her beautiful vibrato.  When Mark found out she was a poet, he asked her to consider writing lyrics.  That was the beginning of their friendship and their songwriting collaboration. Two years and two albums later and they are still going strong! They released 'Clarity' in late 2019 and 'Brighter Days' in February 2021. Their songs are relatable, catchy and heartfelt. This duo's songwriting is sure to capture the attention of emerging Americana artists.

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