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  1. Chart-Topping Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Matell Returns With His New Summer Single, “All Around the World” — Available Now
  2. American Top 50-CHR singer/songwriter/producer and occasional actor Matell is back with his first single of the summer, the hypnotic dance track, “All Around the World,” available now on all platforms. The single is the follow up to his hit “Fragile,” released in January.
  3. The eight-minute track drops just in time to kick off summer, offering a classic disco groove under lyrics that inspire spreading love across the globe. “Now that the world is gradually re-opening after a year in lockdown,” says Matell, “it is time to dance all around the world.”
  4. With a deep bassline driving the beat, “All Around The World” harkens back to disco classics like Aretha Franklin’s “Jump to It” and “Get It Right.” Offers the Colorado-based singer, “AATW has all the right drops and swoops for those yearning to get back to the dance floor after a year away.”
  5. Billboard-featured artist and publisher Matell has been hailed for several of his prior releases. “I Apologize 2U & U2,” “I Said I’m Gonna Go, Oops, Oops Upside Your Head,” “Tell Me,” and “Oh, How I’m Missing You” all placed on various domestic airplay and download charts. “I Apologize 2U & U2” was described by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as “lovely.”
  6. Last year’s instrumental cut “Tell Me” was released in the midst of the pandemic. The track topped the charts, outranking legendary artists like Boy George featuring Gladys Knight and Pet Shop Boys. Previously, Matell earned two top 20s on Amazon's Best Sellers chart with “Quickly (Melt-Down)” and “Low Expectations.” Additionally, the single “My Conversations With God” was licensed to several advertisers.
  7. Matell has appeared as a featured performer in tribute to iconic jazz singer Nancy Wilson at the BMA Music Awards and as a special guest on Minnie Foxx’s Los Angeles concert tour. He has been honored by VH-1’s “Save The Music” and nominated for Song of the Year as lyricist for “We Will Survive.” Matell was also nominated for the Best Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Writing for “Eastern Trees” by the American Poetry Society.
  8. The lyric video for “All Around The World,” which mixes the track’s expressive verse with vintage disco imagery, is viewable on all video channels. Adds Matell, “AATW is for the people!”
  9. “All Around the World,” on Matell Records and published by VMRProductions, is available now.
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