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Misty Shape

We group Misty Shape from Russia from the city of Voronezh. We don't wear extravagant clothes or make-up, and we don't try to attract people's attention with provocative songs. We are rock, jazz and sometimes Blues. We are a Duo of two different elements that once came together and released the album "Volcano" and the second album "Midnight train". We hope to make our story even more interesting soon. The first album "Volcano" was released in 2019. The new album "Midnight train" has just been released, consisting of five songs . This is the second work of the group . Listen, and you won't regret it . As always, the songs are varied and unpredictable . The author of songs Igor never ceases to surprise with his wonderful melodies and lyrics filled with drama, romance and sarcasm . Andrey's arrangements and playing became more atmospheric, and Tanya's vocals became incredibly light and sensual . Misty Shape has big plans , they are not going to stop there even in these difficult times . Follow their creativity on all music platforms and social networks.

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Misty Shape