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Miszs B

Miszs B is a Rapper, Writer, Singer and Poet born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Miszs B was recently featured on the M.H.M.B radio station and in the Voyager Denver Magazine! Her story inspires others!


The featured tracks" Bad Habits,” “ In my Head”, “ Suave” “ Best Of Me” “ Don’t Matter” “ One Nighty” “Terrified” Steal It", " Playhouse", " Real Talk", "On the Flo" " Run This", and " My Drug" " Dat Ass" are all bangers!!!!!!!!!


No More, Is RedRose Ft. Miszs B " I'm Liking it" W.iLL ft Miszs B, Chezz not Checkerz is Juice Drippa Ft. W.iLL & Miszs B are bangers!


Miszs B! Miszs B was featured on DJ Disspares' mixtape album "EATIN" in 2015. In 2017, Miszs B had an exclusive interview with Mr.Real music, radio personality and award winning journalist with MNTC Radio. She was also featured and interviewed in the Greeley Tribune and Interviewed by Voyager Magazine.


Miszs B has also been a featured artist on "ApollonightLA" DG Dell talk show out of Louisiana and in Florida, by 4 the culture talk show


In addition, Miszs B was featured in the Greeley Tribune, Greeley, CO after a hip hop performance where she went by the former name of "Niki T." With the new name and focus, Miszs B is an artist to watch out for!!!!!!!


Miszs Bs' music has a hip-hop/pop feel, and has been compared to artist such as " Da Brat, and Left-eye."


Miszs B welcomes all comments and opportunities to Collaborate with other artist.


Miszs B can be reached FB @miszsBmusic via Twitter @Miszsbmusic, @Miszsbmusic IG

, Miszs B snap Miszsb1@gmail.com

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