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mLau is an independent electronic duo inspired by alternative folk, post rock, trip hop sounds.

With no creative limits, and without trying to please the commercial market, focusing instead on pure artistic expression without filters, rules or confines, mLau is a musical journey by Massimo Marraccini and Maria Laura Ronzoni, longtime friends who although living in different cities felt the need to compose music together while at a distance.

One year after the publication of the first two singles No One Around and A Queen With No Head, accompanied by their respective video clips in graphic animation that have received approval from national and international newspapers and radios, mLau has produced a first EP entitled locked in, available on all digital stores.

Five pieces proposed, of which four originals plus a tribute to one of the great masters of the musical-literary tradition of our times who most influenced the writing of mLau's lyrics: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, elegant, minimal and highly personal electro-folk interpretation of one of Bob Dylan's poetic masterpieces.

The voice, lyrics and melodies of Maria Laura Ronzoni, teaming up with Massimo Marraccini's rhythmic and harmonic textures, tell of a sound, compositional, musical and literary research of undoubted artistic and cultural value, an attempt to find in beauty a creative response to the profound sense of restlessness, frustration and claustrophobic isolation, a way out of the tangle of an existential condition that sees us human beings, fragile and astonished witnesses of a surreal reality in which we find ourselves alone but inexorably linked to each other and locked up, precisely locked in.

They have recently been working on a new video of the song Blue Boy - Babylon Girl available now.

The duo is also planning a performance that aims to be an audio-visual experience rather than a concert. A sort of immersive soundscape with the musicians accompanied by avant-garde visual content. A multimedia live exhibition combined with different forms of contemporary art.

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