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Ms. M|CHL (pronounced: Mz. Michael) is the living embodiment of contradiction. Her life, her music, and even her name all reveal her existence on opposite ends of the spectrum. Growing up a black girl in rural Oklahoma, Ms. M|CHL found solace performing in the church with her Grandfather, Mother, and brother beginning at the age of five. At twelve years old she began writing songs and discovered the profound healing power music offered. It was her therapy, her escape, and her passion. While her earliest writings were largely inspired by her first influences of Prince and Whitney Houston, Ms. M|CHL’s work continued to evolve. By the time she graduated high school her music was heavily impacted by her love for Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Nine Inch Nails.

After moving to Los Angeles, she began singing backup vocals for an array of Hip Hop artists, Blues bands, and Latin Pop Singers. During this time, she was writing and recording songs with various guitar players in L.A., working tirelessly to have her music heard. In the winter of 2016, she was introduced to singer-songwriter David Moriarty, and the two began writing together in February of 2017. It was at Ms. M|CHL’s first full electric show at Pour Vous in Hollywood, they met Producer Jack Siege, who had just transplanted from Detroit to Los Angeles. Siege saw the show and immediately said “I want to work with you!” Two weeks later Siege was onboard to produce M|CHL’s first full-length album, Anaxiphilia, released in June 2020.

Anaxiphilia perfectly showcases Ms. M|CHL’s melancholy yet soulful writing, and lush unconventional vocals, intertwined with influences of Soul, R&B, Grunge, Pop, Rock, Indie, and Electronica. It is an unexpected journey that speaks of a few trips to Hell and back and yet leaves you with a sense of triumph, hope, and romance. It certainly should not be missed.


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