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I am an artist. Spiritually connected and committed to the art and it's creation from an early age of 10 years. It all became clear to me when I would lock myself up in my room, volume on full blast on a cassette player radio, listening and singing along to cassettes from the likes of Bob Marley, Dobie Gray, Brook Benton, Jim Reeves and more. During this time, in primary school, I performed in musicals, sang in the school choir and attended music lessons. The year before I began high school my elder sister strengthed my knowledge of music through radio and her collection of RnB and hip hop CDs.

In the beginning of my high school years, 2002, I went to boarding school where I sang in the choir and participated in dormitory performances where we would immitate and showcase songs by RNB and slow jam artists. From 2003-4 I shared lots more music with friends from RnB, pop, hip hop, etc. which assisted me a lot in vocal training and exploring different styles of singing.

It wasn't until 2008 that I recorded my first song in a friend's, Sihle "Msikat" Ngema, bedroom studio. This flared my love for performing and I later left for Johannesburg. As I travelled between Johannesburg and home in KZN I was introduced to different types of genres that I composed music in, like house, hip hop, RnB and slow jam.

In 2013-4, I lived in the Free State, Welkom, where I was based in another recording studio with producers Sihle "Msikat" Ngema and Sam "Nana" Addai. Later in the year I became part of the community radio station, The Rock FM, and worked as a co-host and English News Reader for the 12-3pm show with Tshidi.

Towards the end of 2014 I relocated back to Johannesburg again where I volunteered at The Soweto Kliptown Youth Centre Library and was exposed even more to arts like fashion designing, gum boot dance, pantsula dance, music, drums and traditional dance. Late 2015 I moved back home, KZN, but was immediately called back to Johannesburg to work on a project with producer Sam at Muthaland Ghetto Ruff.

All these experiences made me realise that I needed to polish my performance skills as my music and performance career did not seem to be taking off. Therefore I enrolled in an arts school in the following year 2016 where I majored in Performance arts(drama) and won 2 awards in the year attended.

In 2017 I joined a band called The Nomads later changed to The Down Folk in Johannesburg with guitarist Humphrey Jr Rampa and myself on vocals. The band performed in a lot of bars and restaurants in and around Jo'burg where I gained more experience in live performing.

While performing, auxiliary management, web designing, graphics designing and business analysis became a part of my career as the music was not giving back good returns.

I am currently working towards advancing my music and performance arts career while still doing graphics where a customer may arise to attain extra income.


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