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The first Performers/Entertainers nah-ro knew in his family was his grand father Edward of Manchester England ,And his father Vincent stage
nah-ro got expose to the theater/music as a youth performing in school plays he started the first street dance group in his community which consisted of his sister brother and his friend ricky.Nah-ro is a poetic Reggaeton/ RB/Hip Hop Artist from jam-rock, he started writing as a hobby at an early age, church,plays,local street plays and for underground street battles.his first official published written work was (One little christmas tree-Never kiss Santa) a comedy -Song lyrical work produced by nashville song group.He started to focus on singing and recording in 2014 his first single release is called Honey Girls which peaked at number 12 on the European Independent Music Chart followed other street hits like ,LETS ROCK, DON'T STOP THE PARTY, and DOGS IN THE BACK, Dogs in The Back is the rap-ska sub-genre created by nah-ro ,jahvy,ice man.


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