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Naked Congress

Naked Congress has its roots in the 1980th synth era - with bands like Yazoo, Eurythmics and Depeche Mode. The founder, Magnus Bergentz is classically trained, but at the music school there was a small studio.... His interest for working with sound was awakened and he has been working as a sound engineer in the film industry for many years. In 2016 he attended an education for producers in the north of Sweden and the feedback he got was so overwhelming that he decided to release his music. The first of March 2018 he released his first EP called "Someone". Since then he has released 7 more singles and he's now working on a new EP which hopefully will be released in spring 2020.... Magnus Bergentz is originally from Sweden but is now living in Denmark. Apart from his family - writing music is, and has always been, his passion. Naked Congress is Indie electronica leaning towards synthwave and darkwave, and a proud member of EMA (Electronic Music Alliance).

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Naked Congress