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Nathan Leaman

Born and raised in Hobart, Australia, Nathan Leaman has had a burning passion for the creation of music and live performance. Although he lived in other states and also in other countries such as Japan, Mexico, and Thailand, during his life, he always found satisfaction in supplying creative sounds through his musical gifts.


Nathan started writing music in high school; Nathan's first song was for his English class to test his imagination and creative skills. "Growing up in the 80s I was always listening to the radio and dreaming that one day I may hear my own songs on the radio."


"Being able to tell a story that others can relate to inspires me and my music. I want people to be able to relate to the songs that I write as a reflection of my experiences and many others as well.


nathan released his first album "Memories" Currently on I tunes, and all other leading online music stores the reaction from the fans has been amazing. "To see people purchase my music has convinced me that my product is wanted and it is something that I am proud of. "Having songs from the album played on the radio is also something that I am very excited to share with the world.


"The advice I would give others is to remain true to themselves and to follow their dreams"

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