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Nathan Nish

Started recording music in 2008 after saving up some money to purchase a guitar and a computer. "An Echo", the first album, was uploaded to SoundCloud upon completion. The songs mostly lacked structure and beats. This turned away some listeners.


But, some listeners stayed. They kept saying they wanted more Nathan Nish-type music. The next album had a title best described as "eponymous". With some additional confidence provided by an audio production class and working with Musician's Friend, the challenge to Record and Album in a Month was ready to be met. Sort of, anyway, "Sticks and Ticks" was mostly recorded in February and several months were spent tweaking it before release. It hangs out on BandCamp.


Three other albums were released after that: a selection of favorites, "Through Each Year"; a collection of instrumental loops-turned-songs, "Day 1100100"; and the single/EP-length "Circuit Break". Each can be found on YouTube.


In 2021, a seventh album titled "Home Space" was released. The first part, "Space", is influenced by electronic music. The second part, "Home", is more ambient. After releasing "Asphalt Sky", the eighth album, he plans to shift focus back to writing.

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Nathan Nish