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Nathan Wolve aka Sphereon

A Long Way of Finding Self...




Nathan Wolve aka Sphereon has come a long way to realize his Vision.

After many Years of Search in finding himself and a Way to create the Sounds of his Vision in Mind, Nathan decided to reinvent himself and to incorporate the influences of this long Journey. Today he fulfills his dream of having his own Recording Studio and pursues his vision with a Tenacity that is second to none. After several Releases and Remixes on the Zurich based Label "Wechselstrom Music", Nathan was driven in a new Direction with much harder Sounds of the Electronic Music Scene. His first release "Codex A" and his Remix of the famous Underground Resistance Song "Transition" were already released as free Downloads on Soundcloud and Youtube in April and the next EP-Release "Levitation" is already in the Starting Blocks and will be soon available on all Streaming Platforms and on iTunes too. Nathan also plans to launch his own Label Project called Sphereon Records and another Project to focus on new Artists who deserve to get heard. Nathan said: “ I have noticed in recent Years that there are extremely talented Artists who have already produced Album by Album but the Resonance for all the Years and their hard Work is missing.”

Nathan wants to offer Space to precisely these Artists and to create with them a Universe of Music and Art that was created by their and his creative Ideas.

More Informations about Releases, Shows, Projects and more take Place on his Social Media Channels

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