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From Bath, UK. I make music and sometimes do remixes. I have released a few singles and a mini LP called 'Treasure'. I have also done remixes for Frannie B, NNYz?, Sergeant Thunderhoof and James Harriman. It's mainly made with synthesisers, loops and samples. Influences include New Order, Boards Of Canada, Coil, Pye Corner Audio, Factory Floor, Bark Psychosis, Radiohead, Chemical Brothers, Joy Division, Front 242, Orbital, Cocteau Twins, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Cure etc etc.


Treasure Review in ANTI MUSIC - May 8th 2020


Neonian songs teem with colorful metaphors, recurring thoughts and characters, detailing surreal arrangement’s; like logical outpourings of the subconscious constructed and manipulated together for an eccentric and evanescent journey.


His latest album, Treasure, follows the styles complimented in his debut single, Pyrogallic, and creates a fantastic piece filled with complex variations of patterns and arrangements; beautifully mixed and mastered with wholesome, dynamically treated synths and sound designs sparking an energy for adventure.


Self-released January 4, 2019, Treasure is sometimes haunting but mostly electrifying; a display of interesting ideas and transformative arrangement’s churning out a ride of a lifetime!


The songs feel happy and energetic, but with an ominous oppression – both within concept and execution – that lingers unexpectedly. Confronting percussive patterns, and in a couple tracks, a soothing voice distant and melancholic; a membrane of forbidden activity.


The album opens with Treasure Your Dreams. High-pitched synths swirl and elongate foundations of electronic excellency as cymbals shoot through an ever-evolving, hypnotic portal with rich percussion’s shaping the rhythmic landscape. Conjuring a multitude of sounds and abrasive frequencies, exploding about halfway through the song with a shortened interlude; added with a melange of looped structures and a female’s voice resonating. “All the promises made, were broken by you.” Ethereal chants, intricate synth structures and disjointed chordal patterns evoke intrigue for the next track, Very Large Brain. Contorting your mind through intra-atomic pixelation’s of sampled recordings materializing into the infamous character, Donald Trump, saying, “That’s enough put down the mic.” And even better is, through the schizophrenic arpeggiation’s, tempest sonic exploration’s and minimal percussive beats (drawing clearer sound design to the foreground) we continually hear, “Very Large Brain.” aHA; this album truly is a treasure!


Crispy is just as the name would suggest. A delicious concoction of wonderfully mixed drums, enigmatic synths separating single tonality into sparsity and cut-up blips of textured sounds and stabs.


Steady and rhythmic, whooshing bass frequencies generally drive the energy here; harmony for machines dancing wildly in the trenches. Which pairs perfectly with No8 Phaz3, but in other ways is its own adventure – progressing the landscape of electronic machines and bright, charismatic tones building and overlapping amid chant-like vocals. You can feel the music pulsing through your body, swimming frenziedly throughout your mind, like electricity. Towards the end, a concoction of arpeggiated bass lines, electronic textures and numeric, coded landscapes descend and make way for Crockabell Flowers. A track building off of the various experimentation’s Neonian engineered earlier in the album, but embellished with choir orchestration and fantastic screaming (from Lizzie Doman) about mid-way through; evoking a sense of cataclysm to come crashing down our small world.


Containing multiple piano-notes to sinuously weave through composition, transforming into the next track. Treasure Your Nightmares that’s symmetrical to its counterpart, Treasure Your Dreams; but with a twist cleanly terrifying and strangely mystifying. We hear the catch-line “All the promises made were broken by you,” which I’ll be singing in my head for weeks, offering a sense of completion; a sensibility of concept, intrinsically woven, in an album conventional to electronic forms, absolutely brilliant!

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