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Hailing from the landscapes of Providence, RI and the surrounding New England scene Nick Duane is a Indie, Singer- songwriter who has been making music for decades. Encapsulating a signature sound that blends an ambient 80s/90s Indie Rock sensibility with today’s more modern approach, Nick’s uniquely captivating songwriting and lyrical concepts have truly manifested into something that is both original and versatile in its execution, drawing in fans from many different musical backgrounds and tastes. His latest June 10th Release 'BROKEN PROMISES' will be found at all the usual locations including Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora...

………….. one of the founding members of the Backslap Blues Band………….. (the first band to appear at the now legendary Providence, Rhode Island nightclub, 'Lupos Heartbreak Hotel')

Former member of the rock band and WBRU battle of the bands winner 'DC Tenz'

……Limelight Magazine Music Awards, Singer-Songwriter of the Year (Runner Up Award)

Member of 'Cold Shivers' music collaboration featuring their 5 song EP

'This That and No Other'

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