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Nicky Roland

Born and raised in London, England, Nicky first started dabbling in music in the late 80s; by the early 90s, he was collaborating with The Satin Storm Collective on some of the most influential late rave/early jungle sounds.


Around the same time, he met Julian (Coalesce) while working at Busy Boy music (record shop), who introduced him to Maddy and the rest of the Coalesce Sound and Vision crew.

Nicky rapidly became the primary supplier of choice vinyl for parties that would soon achieve legendary status in London's underground scene. As a kid, Nicky spent the summers on the road traveling to Jaz festivals, meeting with, and listening to some of the world's greatest artists. These influences permeate Nicky's music, which fuses 80/90s house with elements of Latin Jazz, Electro, Reggae, and Drum n' Bass to form what he calls "New Old-School."

Following a near-miss with a major label and a brief period of being managed by the president of the Hell's Angel's London Chapter, Snob (true story), Nicky put his music on hold to focus on building a stable business career. In the early 2000s, he moved to Los Angeles to develop a music streaming service, and later to Denver, where he focused on his technology consulting business.

In 2018 struggling with his father's deteriorating health, Nicky rediscovered his muse and got signed to Chicago House label, DJ International Records. Nicky currently publishes his House music via DJ International, and his Techno and EDM tunes independently.

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Nicky Roland