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Nocturnal Omissions (Nocturnal Omissions Music)

Vallen Daniels (formerly DJ Vallen Daniels) learned multiple instruments (drums, piano, bass, guitar, and french horn) as a kid, paying for lessons with money earned from odd jobs, before falling in love with the Music Tracker scene. He later learned mastering, mixing and became proficient in several DAWs. This solo side project was started in 2002, self-financed in every aspect (that caused huge limitations), and produced by one individual. Never looking to be a household name, they did reach mild fame on MySpace in 2006, after mental health issues and focus on other projects took him away from creating further content. As a young adult, he played in a lot of local bands and a relatively unknown punk band for 10 years during this project's hiatus. As an artist, he's very private and only goes by his stage name, only adding pictures after numerous demands, as he believes that music should be about the creation and not its creator. He's also been very condemning of the industry and its pay-to-play schemes to get exposure, and how it focuses on only selling the most watered-down redundant concepts, which he sardonically does add redundancy to his musical themes. Politically a centrist, and Ally to many groups he has been open about people first and corporations second. Speaking on behalf of Mental Health Awareness, Human Rights, Equality, Collaboration, and supporting our troops even if he's not supportive of their specific orders.


As you might guess, this has led to an environment where this becomes an underdog project that receives constant notices of rejection but remains to work hard to find an audience that will enjoy the music produced which doesn't have a radio-friendly cookie-cutter sound nor a major label behind him. After a few years of online-only releases starting in 2018, Nocturnal Omissions has received a few several positive reviews and generated 20k streams in Oct 2021. They have recently been played on the radio in the UK, and in several countries in South America. All of which we have cataloged here:


The music: Nocturnal Omissions is an ever-evolving artist that's music style is a combination of EBM, Lo-Fi Beats, Post-Rock, Dark Chillwave, Industrial Techno, Darkwave, Progressive Trance, Psybent, Ambient Rock, Chillwave, Hauntology, Minimal Techno and Darkcore. They've been around for 19 years, briefly were MySpace famous with 3k fans until we left the music scene in 2008. Resuming in 2018, we wrote another 3 albums which were released (each year on Soundcloud) then to streaming in Aug 2021. Each album has a slightly different feel, that is only instrumental, as we felt our original lyrics detracted from the musical theme and soundscape that we were creating.

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