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Nola Müu

Versatile yet never lacking quippy and picture-painting poetry in his penmanship, Nola Muu started honing his musical craft from a young and impressionable age. Off to an ambitious start Nola Muu joined a young rap group, Primal Instincts, in which he was the lead vocalist, though never one to shy away from a challenge, he demonstrated his ability to pack in the punchlines on various remixes such as Kanye West and Jay-Z OTIS. As time progressed, he would go on to be inspired by a range of artists such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye West and above all, J. Cole.


Now 25, Nola Muu starts to make a way for himself with every verse and feature, letting his flow, catchy choruses and double-entendre’s speak for themselves. Not one to forget where he came from, he let’s the Gospel sound ring out in his melodies whilst muddying the beat with that London soil. Whether it be his knack for vulnerable story-telling or his loose and care-free tone in his lighter joints, the come up of Nola Muu is not to be missed, nor is it to be ignored.

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