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Northern Redemption

Northern Redempion,
started around mid-June / August 2020.
When I, Thomas Furustig (the author), left my previous band after 10 years, I felt that it was time to go a new way to make music that was closest to my heart.
I contacted some of my older friends and gunslingers Pontus Nilsson, Andreas Larsson and Mattias Åström.
Without hesitation, they closed behind me and we had the foundation of the band.
Songs were created and creativity flowed, but we forgot a part of the puzzle ...
Who will sing
We searched under every stone with flashlights and asked everyone we knew.
And soon we had two really cool guys, but the choice fell on Jocke Lundqvist.
The band was complete!
The first song Spiritwalker took shape.
This is the end of the beginning ... now is the future

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Northern Redemption
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