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Nostalgia Deathstar

Nostalgia Deathstar are Sean Albiez and Martin James. We are deliberately 1979 electronic post-punk, inspirationally 1980s synth pop, accidentally 1980s darkwave and notionally 1990s electronica. We write cynical love songs; challenges to power; songs about revolution; songs of cultural unity; songs about digital wisdom; songs about claustrophobia and songs about dead musicians walking the streets as friends electric. We play our generation's blues. We look back but are anti-nostalgia. We like juggernaut beats that are unstoppable. We like synths that colour the sky neon. Our favourite colour is vertical.

In 2020 we released a song a month. Each an experiment that embraced the rough edges, sonic errors and mistaken shapes of electronic music. They were documents of a point in time... unfinished... imperfect. They deliberately avoided the high sheen of insecure electronic music and instead enjoyed mud wrestling with unstable ideas in a bath of tarnished sounds. They were experiments in #FutureRetroSynthPunk - glitched nostalgia.

In 2021 Nostalgia Deathstar released 'Charged Attachment' an album drawn from reworking of some of those songs. This was followed by 'ReCharged Attachment' an album of remakes, remodels, remixes and reimaginings.

Also in 2021 the duo launched the Generation Blitz compilation series that brought together a huge array of independent synthpop ans post-punk electro artists.

In 2022 Nostalgia Deathstar delivered their final realease, the eight track 'Relic EP'.


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