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Ricardo Costa aka Nuk3z was born and raised in Portugal, heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s music and movies culture. His influences are from a mix of trance/Eurodance to pop like Falco and Modern Talking and Rock/Heavy Metal culture, from Terminator to Robocop, all colour how he sees and makes music today, which he describes as electronic/ synthwave/ darksynth music. Nuk3z released a very personal EP called “BOILING” … aggregating all his musical influences. This EP tells the story of a person who goes into war. Each track is a process or a feeling/ambience of each step that a person takes when going into war ('What I have to lose?'; 'Am I I going to survive?'; 'Who really wins?'; 'What am I going to do?' etc). Nuk3z's favorite track of this EP is “The Journey” which represents the flashbacks/memories/feelings of this person and the time that doesn’t stop and keeps moving.

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