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Raised in separate corners of the earth as music goons with a healthy dose of introversion, Nulla invites you to tap into their funk-fuelled bubble, and feast. Each of 4-piece have been meticulously honing their groove chops from the safety of their bedrooms, emerging only for food, rehearsals, and to clap for the NHS.


Having honed their craft in Liverpool, UK, the band made a name for themselves locally with a live show injected with a raw, nervous energy, and a dangerously love for improvisation. Whilst on-stage, Nulla create a strangely alluring atmosphere, simultaneously thirst-making & thirst-quenching, and now look to advance in the contemporary direction of DIY recording, with a ‘psych-hop’ double-single release on the horizon. For those equally inspired by RHCP, MF DOOM & Bruce Lee, tune in to check out what’s been hiding in the North West’s underbelly.

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