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Old Man Mike

Old Man Mike is a British born, Puerto Rico based multi-genre musician who channels his artistic vision through albums that serve as sonic chapters in a continuing journey through time.

Old Man Mike’s debut album Borealis Amanita [2011] takes its name from the aurora borealis (northern lights) and Amanita Muscaria fungus. As an IDM/electronica album it leans towards psychedelic techno. Old Man Mike’s second album Dormants [2012] is a much more sedentary affair.

After a six year hiatus from new releases Old Man Mike brought out his third album Terra Enferma in a low key release on New Year’s Eve, 2018. The album opens with Aneurysm, a short, high BPM banger that could be lifted from a field full of ravers somewhere in England circa 1991. From there the album enters into more introspective IDM. 

Old Man Mike then released twin-double albums, with the abandonment of electronic instruments and alternative arrangements in the style of lofi bohemian-folk sessions recorded using guitar and voice for Appetite For Reduction and Quite Contrary and the otherworldly dreamscape ambient adventure Supervoid and Supervoid 2. His latest album is Happy To a You.

Old Man Mike has a growing list of collaborative projects and is a highly sought after producer.


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Old Man Mike
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