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I write & record Instrumental piano tracks in studio, for collaborations with
Electronic Producers (Fonz Tramontano,Kike de Santo, Diamond Lounge, Limes). My Solo Piano Projects 'The Mayfair Arrangements' include Crystal Walk (Dec.2020) & Carnelian Trance Reprise ll (2019)

New releases with Kike de Santo Feb.(2020) & an EDM Track w/Fonz Tramontano Mar.5 2020

The track ‘Somehow’ with Clare Estelle, was a serendipitous encounter! We met on Twitter, and Clare suggested I create some melodies around her beautiful yet haunting ballad. It was a unique departure for me to create an accompaniment for Vocals. We collaborated most recently for a Tender cover of Have Yourself A Merry Christmas (Nov.2020)


Curator for the QuaranStream Spotify Playlists. Tracks courtesy of Followers/Friends. A Goldmine of the latest Indie & Est'd tracks :)

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