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Panama Scarrett AKA R. Sonny Cole

There is always a smile on the tip of my mind..and humor is stitched into my fabric..even when I create earliest influences growing up were writers like Louis L'Amour "Sitka" and songwriters that told a story in their song and stitched in a bit of rye humor in there as well..Johnny Cash "A boy named Sue" Ernie Smith "Duppy Or Gunman" Passenger "Let her go"..and Orange Juice Jones "Walking in the rain"  I am here to tell stories..good or bad..that's it. I produce music and animate stories.

Musical Influences
Orange Juice Jones
Old dirty Bastard
Erie Smith
Daddy U-Roy
Singer..songwriters..story tellers..toasters

Writing Influences
Micky Spellane
Robert Ludlum

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