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Partinico Rose

Partinico Rose are a Sicilian band from Ragusa, led by: Vincenzo Cannizzo - Voice and Guitar, Massimo Russo - Basso, Carlo Schembari- Drums and Synt, Martina Monaca Violoncello. They have been active since 2015, the original line-up saw another bass player who he left the band after only one concert, in 2016, and was replaced by Massimo Russo. All 3 are longtime musicians from the city of Ragusa, coming from other projects such as: The Stark, Carnival Ends, Enfant Terrible etc ... Their sound mixes an Alternative / Wave rock that recalls the sounds of bands such as Killing joke , Bauhuaus, Nick Drake, etc ... their self-produced debut album is titled: "Songs for sad and angry people" and was released on 06 December 2019

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Partinico Rose
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