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  1. pillowpeace is Pelle Jacobsson. Pelle is a composer, musician, text writer and producer. His way of working includes collaborating with carefully chosen musicians/friends, often from different genres. Pelle says; “the idea of pillowpeace started to grow in my head, back in 2014. I had lots of different musical ideas that needed context. So I began writing for a specific setting! With specific instruments and musicians in mind. A setting that later came to be pillowpeace. I had all of the songs recorded in a midi/demo kind of way when I finally got the courage to invite all of these amazing musicians, whom I wanted to work with on the final recordings. I remember that it was really nerve-wracking to press play on my computer and make them listen to my music for more than 60 minutes. But they did and they all liked it! All of them wanted to be a part of pillowpeace. I am so proud of the result!”, Pelle finish.
  2. On these songs you will hear:
  3. Pelle Jacobsson on vocals/vibes/piano/guitar/synthbass/percussion/midi instruments/melodika/sounds (Pelle plays with; The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and many more)
  4. John Eriksson on drums/vocals/vibes (John plays with; Peter, Bjorn and John, Hortlaxcobra and many more)
  5. Mats Sandborgh on piano (Mats used to play with; Talk of the Town)
  6. Ulf Strömquist on vibes (Ulf plays with; Modern Fantazias, Uppsala Chamber orchestra and many more)
  7. Anders Ljung on bass (Anders worked on and played with; Propellerhead, Anna Ternheim, Sine City)
  8. Malin-My Wall on violin/vocals (Malin-My plays with; Lars Winnerbäck, Veronica Maggio, Per Gessle and many more)
  9. Kristina Ebbersten on violin/vocals (Kicki plays with; Malena Ernman, Petter, Laleh, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and many more)
  10. Daniel Jansson on guitar/vocals (Danne used to play with; Anna Ternheim)
  11. Edit Jacobsson Johnselius on vocals (Pelle´s youngest daughter)
  12. Vega Jacobsson Johnselius on vocals (Pelle´s oldest daughter)
  13. Nille Perned Recording technician, vocals/guitar and coproducer (Nille produced artists like The Wannadies, Bergman Rocks and Bob Hund).
  14. Gun Karlsson Cover Art
  15. Jimmy Backius Photo

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