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PJ Kingpin Wilson

PJ Kingpin Wilson (Kingpin) - a person or thing that is essential to the success of an organization or operation.

“When creating music and sharing my artistry, my hopes were never to be the best because, I don’t think there can be a best in music.. I see it this way because everyone has their own opinions of what they like when it comes to music. What one likes is totally a personal and subjective opinion. My hope as an artist has always been to do my best in the hope that my music may become an essential part of what adds positivity to the experience of this life, for those that choose to listen to the music I create.”

Born Peter-John G Wilson born and raised in the city of Barrie, fell in love with music as a young boy. “My parents always had music of all genres playing, from Motown to Calyps, pop and rock. Artists such as Frank Sinatra , The Beatles to the Temptations and SmokeyRobinson. I revisit genres of different ages all the time when it comes to my music for inspiration.” Influenced by his own father singing at church, PJ enrolled in vocal lessons and began his quest for music.

Having only a few releases from 2013 to 2018 PJ took a break and wasn’t sure if he’d step away from music all together, but those thoughts only inspired more songs and in 2021, released his latest single “Can You Hear me” a soulful Hiphop ballad as he calls it, which speaks about being resilient in the face of failures, yet continuing to strive to achieve your dreams and putting positivity into the world. “Never to give up on yourself and don’t be afraid to attempt to make the world take notice, that’s the basic message that I hope listeners will walk away with”

Garnering support for his music through a flourishing Indie music community on Social

media, Pj plans to release a few more singles in 2021. Asking the world to hear him.

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