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Postindustrial Poets

The Postindustrial Poets make original, genre-defying music. Their first release was guitar-based blues-rock, with Down by the docks (listening to rhythm and blues) - so bluesy in fact that some blues shows are picked it up. The track was picked for the CoolTop20 and voted on to The Finds. The third release was a soulful, deep ballad, with prominent vocal harmonies, and a slow cadence - I was in two minds. To their surprise, the song has featured in several country playlists - although there is much more Muscle Shoals than Nashville in the song. It was the first Postindustrial Poets' release to break ten thousand streams on Spotify.


The Postindustrial Poets released three tracks in August. I gave you my disease also featured in the CoolTop20 and the Finds, while (Thinking 'bout) Brian Jones is a radio favourite. The latest release is a chilled contemporary Blues - It happens all the time - check it out!


There are more surprises to come from the Luxembourg-based Postindustrial Poets!


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Postindustrial Poets