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POWA Scotland


Creating Opportunities For All Genres Of Music and Collaborating With The Music Industry to Raise Awareness For Women's Rights*

POWA is an anti-harassment, anti-abuse musical collective based in Scotland. Since it's inception in  November 2020, POWA has commissioned songwriters & producers to create new musical works - Siobhan Wilson, Iona Fyfe, Rosie Bans, Suse Bear (Good Dog), Fisty Muffs + more. These songs have been extensively featured in blogs, media, and radio generating commissions via a loyal Patreon membership during a difficult time for the Music Industry.

We research and fundraise to facilitate the creation of new musical works which creates a platform for women's voices, raises awareness about sexual discrimination and inequality within the arts sector. POWA is collaborating with the music industry and other feminist groups in order to achieve a higher standard of safety for women in the arts.

POWA stands for Protection of Women in the Arts.

All our commissions are available via our Patreon page. Join now.

*our opportunities and our network is open to all who identify as female as well as any marginalised gender including non-binary and trans.

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