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Who: Psycholand

What: Industrial / Rock / Metal

Where: Southern California/Australia

When: Jan 2020

Similar: KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Static X, System of a Down, Danzig, The Misfits, Rammstein


Why: Because 2020 SUCKED ASS. How much ass? Let's not get too personal here. The point is, 2020 was a horrible year and a lot of people needed ways to cope. Some people took up a hobby like running on a treadmill to stay in shape. Others yelled at underpaid grocery store clerks like complete jack asses. For two mental illness survivors, living oceans apart, music was the only way to make it through the isolation and misery.


Mr. Kain: "Long before we met, Mr. Severe and I both tried, in our own ways, to cope with mental illness negatively. From alcohol and drugs to self harm and suicide attempts, we both were two lost schmucks trying to blindly travel up Shit Creek without a paddle."


After meeting through chance in 2014, Mr. Kain and Mr. Severe formed a strong friendship and worked together to produce music for the next several years. This would form the basis for Psycholand.


Mr. Kain: "People went through a shitload of struggles during the pandemic. We were no exception. Everything from family loss to leaving bad relationships... you name it, it seemed like it happened. During quarantine, we needed a way to deal with a lot of shit being thrown at us. So we started throwing pieces of songs at each other like 'Here. What can you do with this?' and it just all seemed to come together rather beautifully."


Find us at: https://www.WeArePsycholand.com

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