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Pulses is the brainchild of Nottingham based musician, composer and teacher Chris Miles. Fusing a diverse range of electronic styles the project seeks to create catchy yet thoughtful EDM that moves the feet and intellect in equal measures!

Releases to date are:

'Binary Star' 7 track EP 5th June 2018

'Electric Snowflakes' Single 26th November 2018

'Friction in Action' 5 track EP 5th September 2019

'Cosmic Spark' 5 track EP 6th May 2020

'Magma Rockstar' Single 7th June 2020

'Hype' Single 9th Sept

'Hell of a Year' 6 track EP 8th January 2021

'Between Desperation & Hope' Single 8th February 2021

Review of 'Binary Star' Left Lion magazine July 2018

'Binary Star is the brainchild of local musician, composer and teacher Chris Miles. His first solo project, this album takes influence from a variety of genres from electronica to funk. The seven tracks explore a variety of experimental themes. From the suspenseful Devil to Go To Bed Little Robots – which evoked memories of classic retro video games – Binary Star is an absorbing listen that can’t help but draw you into its world.'

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