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Quincy Valentine

Bronx, NY native and recording artist Quincy Valentine has released his debut EP entitled "Valentine's Day" on the Explore Music Group Label. The project contains five (5) selections, including Quincy's most recent release, "DayDreams," featuring Shamyra.

Musician. Engineer. Producer. Songwriter. Artist. Quincy Valentine has a vast range of talent and versatility. He discovered and pursued his passion for music at the very young age of 9 in the Bronx, New York. Starting with talent shows and school performances, his natural-born talent and years of practicing his craft have brought joy and entertainment to hundreds of people across the US. 

Quincy has worked with many different artists and warmed the hearts and minds of many through his art. He's progressed to play for various local artists, starting from playing keyboard in churches to big names like Scarface. Quincy has also been a music director for major recording artists, theatre associated with Carnegie Hall Presents, Theater for the New City, and Oberia D. Dempsey Theater.

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Quincy Valentine
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