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Rachel Jaymes

Rachel Jaymes’ latest song is out and her fans are excited to be singing it with her! With the bright, fun lyrics of  “Light Up The  Night” Rachel is proving to be the artist people can’t forget. With a voice like Megan Trainor, this Westfield, Massachusetts, singer / songwriter, is already capturing her fans with her vocal style. Her unique yet relatable tone is making her the latest artist to watch. Surrounded by music her entire life, Rachel began singing at an early age. While growing up, Rachel used music as her outlet. Now, Rachel wants to pay it forward and give others the same escape through her music.  Whether it’s composing lyrics in the studio or at her piano, Rachel always has her fans and the possible impact of her next performance in mind. Her efforts are paying off, because Rachel is quickly becoming known for her moving and emotional connection with the audience and they can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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