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Rest as Mutes


Rest as Mutes is a three piece from Seattle, WA. We write, play, record and ride sonic waves. Have you ever been abducted by someone who blindfolded you and then took you on a road trip filled with beauty, despair, lazy naps, existential crises, disarming tenderness and heart-pounding altercations? Did they stop every few thousand miles at nondescript locations across the American landscape and remove your blinders just long enough for you to adapt to the lighting and appreciate the predicament--breaking your experience into a confederacy of formless yet terrifyingly vivid memories? If yes, you may really enjoy our songs--or at least relate them.


"...Rest as Mutes manage to combine their stylings in a unique way that distinguishes them from their contemporaries." --Greg Hyde @Silence is the Enemy

"...A Secret History Of Our Future could be easily characterized as a psychedelic shoegaze masterpiece with a post-hardcore attitude." --Thoughts Words Action Music Blog

“...the tunes are an interconnected story they tell through their music. On Rest as Mutes’ new release, A Secret History of Our Future, they bring several sonic ideas to the table in a genre bending mix of colliding guitars and drums, creating a wall of sound that is easy to get lost in...get ready to dig this band!" --NW Music Scene

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Rest as Mutes
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