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Rodney Sagor

Rodney Sagor is an independent metal musician from Beau-Bassin Mauritius since 2021, and is more known as the vocalist of a Mauritian thrash metal band, Amakartus, since 2015. As a vocalist, he is known for switching between cleans and growls and yells.


In 2019, Rodney became passionated with music writing and one-man bands, and started self-recording.

In 2020, he did a collab with modern metal guitarist Darryl Louis, also from Mauritius, on the song "Spare Or Slay", on which he added vocal and drum parts (drum programming).

In June 2021, he released his first single "I'm So Bored..Mari Ggt!!"; and in December 2021, Rodney Sagor released another single called "Maga Dam Gam". In both songs, he partly used his native language, the Mauritian Creole.

In February 2022, he released a new single called "A Sad Song On Repeat", which tackled a more personal subject. In March 2022, he did another collaboration with Darryl Louis on the song "In Darkness We Seek". In April 2022, Rodney Sagor and Anthony Grant (a rock and metal vocalist, also residing in Mauritius), released "Undisclosed".

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