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RottenPerish Is An Unsigned Swedish Metal Band Founded In Malmö In 2009 By CanCerberus And Noth.

Since Then, RottenPerish Decided To Go Their Own Way And No Matter What The Trend Was, The Important Thing Has Always Been To Make Metal Music.

RottenPerish Originally Started As A Side Project Of CanCerberus And Noth. After Starting Out As A Band In Earnest, They Made Their Debut With The Single ”The Beauty Suffering” In 2009.

RottenPerish Has Made Unpublished Work For Several Years (2009-2019), Cuts That Were Not Finalized. In 2020 They Release The First Single On CD Special Edition ”The Beauty Suffering” And In This Same Year They Release Their First Works In Digital Format.

So Far, RottenPerish Has Released Three Digital Singles: The Beauty Suffering, Occisor, And Besvärligt. Also Six Digital Albums: HumanHate, Besatt, Vansinne, Hell, Muerte, KADAVER & Sep7em

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