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Sapienn is a solo acoustic project from Glasgow-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Scott Simpson.

A late bloomer in acoustic music, and having spent his formative years as a guitarist in Glasgow's underground Metal scene, Scott only started writing and producing music as Sapienn mid-way through 2016. While still taking influence from his earlier work, but rejecting the excesses of the genre, Scott set out to challenge himself as a musician and instrumentalist. Putting a greater emphasis on songwriting, Scott opted for a stripped back approach, and the debut EP "Hours Of Despair" was released in October of that year.

Within a few short months Scott started recording his debut album. "A Black Sarcasm" was released later in 2017, with the singles "How To Start An Idle Heart" and "Palisades" being added to playlists on both Rianne Thompson's and Jim Gellatly's Amazing Radio shows. The record was later added to the list of albums eligible for the 2018 Scottish Album of the Year awards. That year also saw the release of the single “This Time”, with it’s B-side “Giving Up The Ghost” being the first Sapienn track written and performed fully on piano.

Scott took a step back from writing and recording in 2019 through into 2020, but still managed some notable festival appearances at that summers Butefest and Gig At The Grounds among others. After this year-or-so break, Scott decided to reset musically, pushing in a more rock orientated direction. His second album “Cold Logic” was unveiled in the latter half of 2020, with each track being gradually released as a single. The album achieved a higher number of streams and garnered even more radio play, but more importantly it was regarded more highly than his previous efforts, making Cold Logic the most successful Sapienn release to date.

A new single “Provocateur is due for release in March 2021.

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