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Scarlett Taylor

Scarlett Taylor was 'born to perform and entertain'. Singing and writing from a very young age, her interest in music was evident from the beginning. She sang in the choir at church and at school, as well as being involved heavily in theatre for over 8 years. Scarlett also played clarinet for five years, which really helped with reading music, and her sense of beat and rhythm. In her senior year of high school, she was assigned to sing “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper for a high school production. There, Scarlett not only discovered the true strength and power of her voice, but found she was great at working a crowd. It was this same year that she met her producer -they both had very similar writing style and enjoyed the same sound/genre of music, quickly producing “Lucid,” a sad core, down-tempo collection of ballads and poetry. From then, they have created five albums together.

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