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Sean Morris and the Doghouse Roses

Sean has been writing songs for over a decade now but had, by his own admission, given up on the idea of ever making a living from playing music, despite many people telling him that his songs deserved to be heard.


So he gave up on songwriting over 4 years ago and instead immersed himself in the study of psychology, and began training to become a counselor. He also started seeing a therapist himself. This was due to losing a close friend to suicide, numerous personal setbacks, and because he had suffered from anxiety and depression for most of his adult life, and previously only dealt with it in unhealthy, self-destructive ways.


However, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic made him realise the importance of making the best use of the short time we have on this planet. He didn't want to die one day without his songs being heard. He was also reminded of the healing power of music, both making music and listening to it, essential during these current times where people have to spend extended periods indoors, sometimes completely on their own.


After becoming mentally healthy, he also found that he began to enjoy playing the guitar again, instead of just looking at it across the room like an enemy of his happiness. A chance encounter with a producer called Dan Short meant he could finally start to demo his songs.


To add to the serendipity, a message out of the blue from his old guitarist, and close friend, Mark Emsley (still the only musician he's ever met who he feels understands him and his writing on any meaningful level). So together Sean and Mark began to email musical parts back and forth via email, working on the material under the banner of 'Sean Morris and the Doghouse Roses'.

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Sean Morris and the Doghouse Roses