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SERENDIB is a singer, a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. He is also a medical doctor and a professor in acute medicine based in Amsterdam. He was born in Sri Lanka and started writing songs early. He later entered the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo Sri Lanka, but had to abandon his studies due to the civil war and fled Sri Lanka in 1989. In spite of many drawbacks he finished his MD, PhD and built up a carrier as a doctor, teacher and a researcher in medicine in the Netherlands and was recently appointed Professor of Acute Internal Medicine. He is currently attached to a large university hospital in Amsterdam. However, in spite of a very successful medical carrier his love for music never waned. In early 2000 he scored a modest hit with a ballad called ‘How can I Say’. His mini-album ‘Almost Paradise’ released in 2013 contained many socially and politically conscious songs such as ‘Almost Paradise’, ‘Hoping to Find’ and ‘Mister 63’. His music, inspired by musical giants such as Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, consists of happy melodies with socially conscious lyrics. “Wake up and shine” a happy, optimistic, vibrant and an upbeat song which was released in 2018 has already been streamed around 600,000 times in Spotify. This song has also been played in many radio stations all around the world. SERENDIB was in the frontline during the first wave and developed COVID-19. His latest release "Blessed be the day you were born" was a serenade to life.

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