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Shïppa-63 hails from the seaside town of Kingscliff, on the Far North Coast of NSW, Australia. Rather than being a solo artist or a one-man band, Shïppa-63 prefers to call himself a solo-band. His influences over the years have been Britrock/pop bands such as Blur, Radiohead, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Sex Pistols, Doves, Elbow, Oasis etc, although he does have a soft spot for The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club too. His biggest influence has been John Watts, aka Fischer-Z. All original songs are written and performed by Shïppa-63, with all vocals and instrumentation carried out by him as well. Currently he has released a LP Album “Pas Rien”, an EP “Hypochondria” and his most recent EP “Unentitled” that are all available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music etc, and to buy via Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes (well, if it is still around at the time of reading this), etc.

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