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SiNG iT Brantford

SiNG iT proudly presents...


the SiNG iT Brantford 2020 Student Compilation Album!!


Featuring 16 local singer-songwriters from Brantford & Brant County, ages 6 - Adult -- in an all-original music collaboration album of Pop, Country, Folk, Christian and Children's Contemporary.


During the Pandemic amidst the shut-down isolation in March-June; a group of vocal music students, ages 6-16 and a few adults, began writing their own original songs via Zoom and FB Messenger links with their teacher, Joan Minnery. When lessons were permitted to happen in person again -- the song writing continued.


Their collaboration album released on Saturday December 12th, 2020 is available on all major music platforms.


The 20 original songs cover a kaleidoscope of themes and feelings: ranging from love, loss, relationships, pets, self-awareness, pandemic frustrations and overall appreciation for family and friends. With the help of Joan, they have each written their own words and music to create a truly eclectic musical extravaganza. While the album is predominantly young girls; there are two adult ladies and one brave adult male appearing in the mix.


The SiNG iT Brantford 2020 Compilation Album champions the stick-to-it-of-ness of a myriad of students who found a niche during the shutdown and took their musical journeys on a brand-new exciting path. The students wrote, sang, produced and published all of the songs on the album.


The album includes original music from:


Ruby Williams, 13: Carefree on the Crossbar
Grace Weidhaas, 14: What Is Love?
Jordan Morley, 16: You Were Bad
Zoe Duggan, 10: Passions
Emila Witmer-Petitti, 11: Friendship
Emma Rodrigue, 9: My Best Friends
Elizabeth Witmer-Petitti, 6: My Dog Charlie
Delilah Minshall, 9: This Is For My Friends
Tessa Montour, 7: My Letter To Heaven
Bryanna Rowe, 16: Feet On The Stage
Kezia Hart, 15: Strings
Trinity Lussier, 15: Try
Ella Whiting, 13: Break Through The Silence
Steve Doran: Love Forever
Maura Edmunds: Happy, Home, When You're Ready
Joan Minnery: Victorious, Gold Box, For My Second Half


It is a smile enhancing collaboration of musical magic.


Anyone seeking any further information is asked to contact Joan Minnery: joanminnery@gmail.com


Joan Minnery Enterprises - Motivation, Movement & Music
SiNG iT Loud ... SiNG iT Proud ... Whatever It Takes

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