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Snookie Blaze

  1. Andrea Spruill aka ‘Snookie Blaze’, is the creator, producer and host of ‘What’s Hidden TV & Radio’. While Snookie Blaze is a co-CEO of Mother and Daughter Productions, a multimedia production company, she is also a publisher, author, actor and artist.
  2. What’s Hidden Radiohas been spinning on the Philadelphia airways for the past four years on WPPM 106.5fm and is now expanding internationally on Radioactive Radio broadcasted in the United Kingdom. The program showcases over 300 underground independent artist from all over the globe, ranging from a variety of genres. Snookie Blaze is producing a unique version of the show for Radioactive Radio airways that will be known as ‘What’s Hidden In The Underground’. This show airs at 10pm GMT/5pm EST, which can be heard on radioactive-radio.com. We continue to bring you music every Friday 8pm EST and Tuesday 11pm EST on 106.5fm, which will live stream on tunein.com. and Phillycam.org/listen. Snookie Blaze is also building an album of her music available on all platforms with “Eye Opener’ and Hot Pursuit to name a few.

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Snookie Blaze
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