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Snow Factory

I'm a producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In general I love Rock and Electronic music. More specifically I take influence from Folktronica, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Electronica, Synthwave and Downtempo. Artists I would cite as influences include Detektivbyrån, Kate Bush, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Lemon Jelly, Kelly Lee Owens and Four Tet.

I make everything on my laptop. I tend to chop up very small samples and map them out until I'm happy with what I have. I don't mind a bit of noise or dissonance in my music as it makes it all the more interesting to listen to I think.

I like to create a mystical vibe and the winter months are an especially inspiring time for me.

My debut single "Ice Cavern" is basically a manifesto for everything I'm about. I tried to create texture and focus on making the sounds as crystal clear as possible. I started with a basic melody in my head and then selected the instruments I thought would pair well with it while also trying to stick to my own aesthetic tastes. The two halves of the song are basically the two directions I hope to go in. I'm planning a punchy EP filled with Electronic songs with folk influences and another EP filled with more abstract, ambient works. Hopefully the two sides will meet again for my first full length album once I've explored what I can do.

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Snow Factory