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Star Star

If Ziggy Stardust wrote songs for Marilyn Manson,
and the Ramones were a Lady Gaga cover band,
Star Star could definitely get a few gigs.

Despite being a New York band, Star Star originally formed in Los Angeles.
They quickly signed to the Roadrunner label, then took almost a year to record the "The Love Drag Years".

Unfortunately, singer/guitarist Johnnie Holliday was in a car accident, and had a bunch of surgeries done.
Then guitar player Jay Hening committed suicide, and drummer Deon got sick and died.

Johnnie recovered, and with Weeds and new drummer Jack Kennedy,
Star Star was back in the clubs.
Even at high profile shows opening for and touring with major acts,
the band stayed true to their club culture and “trash values with no apologies”…. as the NY Times wrote.

2021 finds Star Star with 12 new singles and videos ready to go and awaiting an official release date.

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Star Star